Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chocolate Covered Banana Slices: An Easy Ice Cream Alternative

Recently I've been trying to eliminate dairy from my diet (temporarily) because of MSPI.  After watching the other four members of my family indulge in ice cream for dessert, I resolved to find something I could enjoy alongside them.  The frozen chocolate-covered bananas that I used to order at Swensen's Ice Cream shop in Thailand were becoming quite an unfulfilled craving.  How I wish Dairy Queen would carry them!  But recently I found a bite-sized dairy-free version at Trader Joe's (imported from Thailand no less!).  So I splurged and bought this box:

Then I made a more budget-friendly version at home, with the following results:

To make about 8 ounces of banana bites costs less than a dollar, versus $1.99 for the store-bought version.  While the Ghiradhelli dark chocolate chips I melted are not entirely dairy-free (since they contain milk fat), vegan chocolate chips cost twice as much.  Hopefully our fourth child will not notice any small trace of milk.

 For more dairy-free ideas, I also have a list of 7 Surprisingly Good Ice Cream Alternatives.

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Angel Read said...

Those look delicious! I used to give the kids banana slices and let them dip them in Hershey Syrup sometimes... anything to get them to eat some fruit! :D