Saturday, January 14, 2012

Speckled Snowflake Cards

Supplies Used:
  • White paper snowflakes
  • Tape
  • Cardstock
  • Blue paper
  • Purple Koolaid "spray paint"
  • Spray bottle
  • Watercolor brush
  • Watercolor paint set
  • Water
  • Glue stick
How we made the designs:
  1. Fill a spray bottle with unsweetened colored Koolaid mix and water (or use food dye).
  2. Lightly tape a snowflake onto cardstock.
  3. Spray lightly with Koolaid dye.
  4. Throughly wet a paint brush and use an index finger to flick a coordinating color of watercolor paint onto the snowflake and background, creating a splattered paint effect.
  5. Allow snowflake to dry before removing it from the background.
  6. Glue the snowflake onto a contrasting paper background.

This project was inspired by the following:
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Really cute project!!

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