Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rainbow Games, Part 1: Using Chalk and Bins

Rainbows are a symbol of hope.  They illustrate the colors and wonder of creation and remind us of the promise given at the end of the story of Noah's ark.   I find the rainbow theme to be an inspiring springboard for learning and play.

Rainbow Games and Activities

1. The Rainbow Twist Game

Draw a giant rainbow on pavement with colored chalk.  With or without a Twister game spinner, call out right or left, hand or foot, and a color.

  • Sometimes we make this a bilingual game by saying the names of the colors in Spanish or another target language.  For example, "left hand azul!"
  • You can turn this into a tossing game by using rolled up socks.  Aim to toss the sock ball onto each color band.

2. The Rainbow Clean Up Game

If it is time to clean up a fairly large mess of toys, papers, etc., enlist children to sort the objects based on their color and then put them away.

Tip: Provide a matching container for each color, or label containers before the clean up begins.  You may want to assign a particular color (or colors) to each child.

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Ms. Tonya said...

I really like your rainbow twist game. Children learn best when using their entire bodies. Great idea!
p.s. I saw you on we teach :)

Jackie H. said...

Great ideas! We need something to fill our afternoon. I think we may try your rainbow game in the driveway.

Andrea said...

Love these rainbow games!! Thanks for visiting my site - I'm your newest follower. :)

Carolyn Wilhelm said...

Great and practical ideas. They are very clever. Thank you for sharing! Carolyn

Carolyn Wilhelm said...

This post is included in the Featured on We Teach Weekly Blogger share! Thanks so much, Caorlyn