Monday, May 21, 2012

Finding Mulberries in May

The hands that picked - mine, my son's and two of my daughters.
Picking berries is an activity that my son talks about all year long.  Normally we've gone berry hunting in June.   But spring came early this year, and we've been out picking mulberries before school gets out for the summer.

Though these days are very busy, I don't regret taking time to harvest nature's bounty and continue what's become a cherished summer memory with my kiddos.  Though we're leaving Nebraska at the end of the summer, in our next locale I am told we may find Saskatoon berries.  I look forward to trying them.

Have you ever picked mulberries?  What's your favorite berry to pick?  

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Jhona O. said...

We look forward to blackberries! The first time we ever took our kiddos berry picking was in Germany with some dear friends out in new-to-us woods:) Sweet memories!