Thursday, May 17, 2012

Easy Felt Magnets (for Travel Bingo and More)

Materials Needed:
  • Magnetic tape (I found 1-inch wide 10-foot rolls at Wal-mart)
  • Adhesive-backed felt sheets (available at Jo-Ann Craft Stores and Wal-mart)
  • Metal stove top burner covers (found at Dollar General or Wal-mart)
  • Spray paint, optional
  • Bingo boards inserts
  • Scissors
  • Clear Contact Paper 
My 4 year old's exploration of symmetry

To make the magnets and magnetic boards:
  1. Carefully peel backing off from felt and the magnetic tape.  Press magnetic tape and felt together, making sure they stay straight and smooth.  Trim strips and cut shapes (squares and triangles) after magnetic tape has been attached.
  2. To go with the magnets, our MOPS group made magnetic activity boards using metal stove top burner covers (which I painted first).  Choose a paper insert (travel bingo or farmers market vegetables) to cut out and laminate with contact paper.  Place on the inside of the burner cover.
A portable game for when kids are on the go...

...or for arranging on the fridge at home

 This idea is linked to It's Playtime!