Monday, May 14, 2012

Why We Aren't Planting a Garden This Year

Our lone tomato plant, which sprouted of its own accord

Since acquiring a backyard five years ago, planting a little square foot garden with my kids has been a favorite spring and summer pastime.  We've still got plenty of seeds and a square raised garden frame that has served us well.  But I am resisting the urge to plant this spring for two very good reasons:

1) We added another child to our family. And she is a delight.  Even more fun than growing a garden.

 2) We are anticipating a big move this summer.  My husband has been busy job hunting and scrambling to finish his dissertation. The desired result: that this hectic season of graduate school will finally come to a close.

His research interviews are completed, but there is still a ways to go before he finishes and graduates (by the end of the summer?).  Thankfully he's an excellent writer and types much faster than I do.  And on the job front, he's just accepted an offer for a faculty position outside the U.S.  I'll share a few more specifics in the weeks ahead!

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