Monday, June 4, 2012

June Plans and Goals

In two months we are moving to Canada.  Packing up a family of six would be difficult for anyone, but for a procrastinator who is chronically disorganized?  Seemingly impossible.  Our last move was not pretty.  Back in 2007, our three children and I got out of the way and left 99% of the work for my husband to do.

However, "everything I need" is available to me (II Peter 1:3).  Will I trust God's divine power or continue to bumble along in my own strength?  That's a question I must answer every hour until our departure.

This week I have four windows of time when my three older children will be at VBS.

                                        My plans are to:

1.  Have quiet dinners with my husband.

2.  Do most of my grocery shopping.

3.  Finish packing up our winter gear.

4.  Catch up on washing and putting away clothes.

Streamlining and simplifying meals this week and every week until it is time to go will be crucial.  And since this week's VBS is in the evenings, my kids will be eating earlier than usual.  We rarely eat until 6:30 most nights.  Can I have their meals ready by 5 p.m.?  It has to happen somehow.

This week's menu plan:
  • Pasta and sausage for the kids (Steak for my husband and I)
  • Fried Baked Chicken, Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Meatloaf, Rice, Salad
  • Pigs in a blanket, Veggie tray (Dinner out for my husband and I?)
  • Slow cooker chicken, Steamed vegetables
  • Shrimp stir fry, Rice

Other goals for June:
  1. Start prepping & painting rooms.
  2. Have our realtor do a walk-through so we know what the priority repairs are.
  3. Make weekly visits to the local libraries.
  4. Play outside & exercise every day.
  5. Gather all items for a moving sale in July.
  6. Low-mess projects with the kids.
  7. Read to my kids every day.
 Do you have any helpful tips for preparing to move with a family?  Please share.


asian~treasures said...

I don't have any tips off the top of my head, but do have boxes. Now that VBS is over, I'll clear out the van from VBS stuff & get them to you!

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