Thursday, November 22, 2012

Colored Corn Autumn Bracelet

As promised, here is a non-turkey craft that my daughter and I made together last week.  We used some tricolor gourmet popcorn that was sitting in the cupboard to create a multi-colored autumn bracelet.  If ever we have a chance to make more corn bracelets or necklaces, I would look for bigger Indian corn kernels.  Even after soaking, the kernels were tricky to poke through with the needle.  About half of the small kernels cracked in the process and had to be discarded.  I would also make sure to find a thimble, since I poked my finger with the needle a couple of times when threading the kernels.

Nevertheless, both my daughter and I thought the results were worth the investment.  The inspiration and instructions for this project came from Goose and Binky.  She recommends doing this with children ages 8 and up.  I think it is a great project for when adults are busy in the kitchen or occupied with watching football over a holiday weekend.

Would you or some children you know would enjoy such a project? 
Or are you wary of crafts that require needles?

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