Sunday, December 30, 2012

Homemade Holidays with the Kids

Besides the normal holiday bustle of events surrounding Advent and Christmas, my attention has been diverted from writing at this lovely personal blog outlet.  In the month of December I was occupied with marketing my writing skills on Elance and elsewhere.   As 2012 closes, I am pondering what to do in the months ahead.  Staying at home, working from home, or taking an outside job are all options on the table.  I am waiting to see what direction is right for me and for our family.  It may be an option that I would never have predicted.  I certainly never expected to be a mother of four; yet here I am.  And my children have become my greatest blessings.

For want of a cookie cutter, we did not make roll out cookies before Christmas.
But then on Christmas Eve, some local friends dropped by with presents,
including a gingerbread cookie decorating kit.  

While I been working on other projects, my kids have still been crafting up a storm lately.  I thought I would share with you a few of the projects they have been busy making this month.  Enjoy!

My daughter sewed these fruity coasters from felt and foam for her tea-loving father.

Paper angels and a felt pocket wall hanging adorn the wall 
near my daughter's upper bunk.

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