Sunday, January 23, 2011

Menu and Activity Plan {1/24 - 1/30}

Last week, in an attempt to add more raw vegetables to our diet, I tried a new recipe, Napa Cabbage, Orange, and Almond Salad.  Next time I want to add some red cabbage for extra color, but it tasted good nevertheless.  Following the recipe (more or less) gave these results:

Getting away to Kansas City this past weekend was both refreshing and exhausting.  It was good to be offline for a couple of days.  We enjoyed some time with my husband's parents.  Our kids enjoyed "swimming" at the community center there.  My husband and I finally got to see The End of the Spear on DVD.  The next day we met and had a conversation with Frank Drown, who was part of that moving true story of loss and transformation.

After church, we piled back into our cold minivan to return to Nebraska, vowing no more winter travel in this vehicle.  The heater broke last month, bringing more meaning to the words "it stings the toes and bites the nose"!  Thus, while I remain eager to plan our activities and meals for the week, fresh memories of frozen toes have quelled my interest in a winter picnic for a while.  Several of last week's activities are being carried over into this week, since we didn't get to them all--yet.


* Cabbage Soup



* Chicken Pot Pie
* Tossed Salad


* Venison Burgers
* Pea Salad
* Fruit Kabobs



* Japanese Eggplant Itame
* Rice
* Asian Salad


* Tossed Salad



* Fish (Sauteed Swai)
* Rice
* Okra
*Tossed Salad


* Pizza (usually the frozen variety)
* Vegetable Platter

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